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GLOBAL AVIATION SA GREECE – Let Your Dreams Take Flight.


Global Aviation SA was founded in 1997 in Athens Greece. The founders’ mission was to build a boutique aviation organisation, offering high-quality aviation services. The four pillars of the organisation are:

  • Pilot Training
  • Cabin Crew Training
  • Aircraft Sales, and
  • Maintenance Services.


Global has a mission of offering its extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of aircrafts sales, pilot and cabin crew training and aircraft maintenance.

Global’s Flight Academy is the oldest pilot academy in Greece. Having its administrative and ground school base in Athens, Greece and its flying base in the Civil Aviation Airport of Pachi, Megara (LGMG), Global Flight Academy has been training pilots for private and commercial courses, since 1997, when it was approved by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA).

In 2004 the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) inspected and approved Global Flight Academy as Flight Training Organization (GR-FTO-002) according to Joint Aviation Regulations (JAR). Global Flight Academy offers integrated and modular courses for:

  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL)
  • Private Pilot (PPL) licenses as well as the Instrument (IR)
  • Multi-Engine (MEP)
  • Flight Instructor (FI) and
  • Type Ratings

All courses are according to the JAR-FCL. Upon successful completion of any course, the student pilot is awarded the respective JAA (EASA) license by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA), a member of the JAA and EASA.

Global Aviation is approved by the HCAA and EASA to offer Cabin Crew Training Courses as GR-CCTO-102. All theoretical training takes place in Global Aviation’s ground school base in Athens. The courses’ practical training takes place in approved locations including the Athens International Airport in accordance with HCAA and EASA.

Global Aviation offers 3-months long initial cabin crew training courses designed for individuals who wish to follow a career as cabin crew in the dynamic aviation industry and intensive cabin crew courses that can be tailored to meet the needs of domestic and international airlines.

Global’s Aircraft Sales Division is the exclusive distributor of “Piper Aircraft” in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria, as well as, a sales agent of “Bombardier Business Jets” in the region.

Global’s Maintenance Centre is offering top-quality, tailor-made aircraft maintenance solutions. Having its base in the general aviation airport of Pachi, Megara (LGMG), Global is certified by the HCAA and EASA to offer maintenance services for single and multi-engine piston and turbo-prop airplanes as Maintenance Organisation EL.MF.004.

Moreover, Global is a certified Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) offering continuous airworthiness management services for single and multi-engine piston and turbo-prop airplanes as CAMO EL.MG.039.

Fast-track training:

The fast-track training, just like the course Global Aviation offers, is the quickest and least expensive route to becoming a commercial pilot. Fast-track programs are flight programs that allow students with zero flight hours to gain the necessary experience to become commercial pilots in a very short amount of time, covering the minimum training duration of one (1) year that EASA requires. These programs typically encompass a 10-month ground school training and a flight training of 205hrs in single and multi-engine aircrafts and in FNTP II Flight Simulators.

In addition to the specific training courses, there are several quality factors a prospective student has to consider when choosing a flight school. Global Aviation’s Flight Academy with more than 20 years of experience in aviation training is constantly evaluating these factors and offers the highest quality training services to its students.

Global graduates are working in the world’s most prestigious airline.

Superior Fleet of Piper Aircraft and Flight Simulators (Elite Evolution S923 FNTPII MCC, Elite Evolution S812 FNTP II and Simnest’s SN_A32 FNPT II MCC Simulator).

Continuous availability of Multi-Engine Airplanes which guarantees uninterrupted flight training.

In-house Maintenance Center approved by EASA and Piper. (Piper Service Center).

Pachi Airport, which is located near the region of Central Greece sees great weather throughout the year and is located only 30 km from Athens (capital of Greece). Central Greece, even during the winter months, does not experience any snowfall and visibility/fog issues, whereas Northern Greece has very low temperatures and extensive visibility issues in the winter.

Global Aviation’s Head Office and its Ground School are based in the cosmopolitan city of Athens.

Pachi Airport, Megara (LGMG) is a general aviation dedicated airport with no commercial flights interfering with training. Ground School takes place in Athens, whereas Flight Training takes place either in Pachi Airport, Megara.

Affiliations with real estate agencies and hotels near the ground school base enable the school to offer top quality, tailor-made, all-inclusive housing packages for local and international students.

Global Aviation’s personnel (managers, instructors and engineers) have extensive experience in training professional pilots and taking care of the unique needs of local and international students.

Our culturally diverse business environment facilitates the co-existence and cooperation between local and international students despite their cultural differences and encourages them to strive for excellence. This is very important since graduate pilots will likely have to work with people from of diverse cultures throughout their careers.

Greece holds its place as one of the most beautiful countries in the world with wonderful cities, islands and countryside. During flight training, students will have the chance to visit several of these sights, thus making training a much more enjoyable experience.

EASA approved pilot & cabin crew training academy

Global Flight Academy, approved by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA), has been training pilots since 1997 and is the oldest pilot academy in Greece with more than 80,000+ hours of training.

Global Maintenance Centre

Global Maintenance Centre is certified by the HCAA, a full member of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), to offer top-quality aircraft services and continuous airworthiness management services for single and multi-engine piston airplanes.

Application & Enrollment Process.


Applying to train  in Global Aviation SA is an easy process.

Gibeon is here to guide you through the school application & enrollment process.
We are an authorized agent and partner of Global Aviation SA.


For More Info:


Please call: +234(80)63257436, +234(81)22654669



Or fill our Contact Form on the Website.


We will get back to you with more information on the admission & enrollment process.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Become A Pilot:


Job Security

The demand for pilots is rising. In fact, experts estimate that the need for pilots has steadily surpassed the supply, and will continue to do so for years to come. With that in mind, there’s no better time to become a pilot.

Salary and Health Benefits

Aviation careers allow for substantial growth opportunities. Nearly all airlines offer standard annual raises, along with health benefits.

Other Economic Benefits

Some airlines even pay for your accommodation, so you can spend your salary on whatever you wish.

Travel Discounts for Family and Friends

Most commercial pilots will have access to discounted (sometimes free) plane tickets for friends and family. And in addition to airfare, a number of hotels provide discounted prices for their rooms and services.

Free Time

Most pilots use this time to connect with their family, take vacations, or just relax. Because of the nature of the job, commercial pilots are entitled to 1-2 weeks off per month which means they have the rest of the month to enjoy themselves.

Love to Travel

Traveling is one of the major perks of this career. With free time between flights, pilots have the chance to explore new cities and spend time meeting new people and discovering different cultures and languages. The commercial pilot job will expand your horizons and leave you with some astonishing experiences.

Meet New People

As a pilot, you will constantly have the opportunity to meet new people. From your flight crew, to passengers, to residents of the cities you visit, you’ll be introduced to people and cultures you may not have otherwise had the opportunity to become acquainted with.

Great View

Not many people in the world can say they have an office in the clouds. Nothing beats the view from a cockpit. Most pilots say it’s a view they never grow tired of.


There is a great variety of pilot related jobs besides reaching the level of Captain. There are pilot ground instructors, pilot managers, pilot simulator instructors, fleet manager etc.

Challenge Yourself

This career requires continuous learning. Achieving your commercial pilot’s license is just the beginning. There are many careers in aviation that offer advancement through many different levels. Each level has its own degree of learning with different outcomes which will challenge you throughout your entire employment life cycle.